We work with you to address these types of questions:

• How do I measure our impact?
• What is happening in my program?
• What do we need to do to achieve our goals?
• How do we maintain a smooth work process?
• What data should we collect?
• How should we collect and use this data?

We help you answer these questions through a comprehensive set of services tailored to what you need:

• Mapping your organizational workflows and processes
• Aligning the appropriate data to capture your impact
• Collecting and analyze quantitative data (e.g. test scores, retention rates), using basic to advanced statistical techniques
• Collecting and analyzing qualitative data (e.g. conducting focus groups or interviews)
• Designing effective surveys
• Writing effective summaries that emphasize key findings
• Constructing well crafted evaluation plans for grant proposals
• Implementing a plan for sustained use of data for decision making